And They're Off!!!

And They're Off!!!

GUYS, super exciting news: we are having our first TVB Insta takeover! (Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Cue newspaper swirl in.) What does this mean you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Two of our favorite Bostonians and biggest supporters (aka the lovely Carolynn Jordan and Mike McGue) are traveling overseas for the next two weeks exploring some exciting far away lands. Along the way, Carolynn will be running the 42nd Berlin Marathon (!!! way to go!!!) and Mike will be supporting her with his charm, good looks and wit. They have graciously agreed to share with us some of their most vibrant findings along their journey, so stay tuned for some serious international out social media! Read below to get to know a little bit about these two fine spirits and learn what makes them feel oh-so-vibrant wherever they may be. We hope that this read/takeover will inspire you to move your bod and to get out and explore the world around you! To start, a little bit from the beautiful and active Carolynn Jordan...


The Vibrant Beet: What inspired you to start running? Carolynn Jordan: I was inspired to run by watching the Boston Marathon as a child. We sat on the sidelines in Ashland, every year that I can remember. In high school, freshman year, all of my friends joined the track team and so I did too. By graduation I had been running cross country, indoor and outdoor track every year and was the team captain.

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TVB: Give us a little bit of your marathon running history. CJ: My first marathon was NYC. I really wanted to run the Boston Marathon, as I grew up being so in awe of the event, but it's difficult to get into. In 2009 I applied to run for charity and Boston Children's Hospital offered me a spot to raise money on the NYC team instead of Boston so I took it. I fell in love with marathoning and am about to run my 8th marathon next week! I have done NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Big Sur, London, Maine Coast and soon Berlin. My favorite was London. The course is beautiful, the weather that day was perfect, it was 5 days after the Boston Marathon bombings, so it was especially emotional, and I ran a personal best that day.

TVB: What do you love about running? CJ: I love running because it gives me a sense of empowerment and freedom. I love that I can run anywhere in the world at any time, for as little or as long as I want - it's all on my terms. I love exploring my surroundings by running, being outside I find a tremendous sense of calm in the ambient noise of Boston, or wherever I happen to be. I feel empowered by what I realize my body is capable of doing.

TVB: What does your pre-marathon training schedule look like? Does that change right after you do complete a marathon? CJ: I try to eat healthy all year, but I definitely amp up my diet when training. I like to follow a Mediterranean style diet, so I'll add more whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats. It can be a challenge when it gets close to marathon day. I spend the last 3 weeks "tapering" which means I cut way back on my mileage, to rest my muscles and allow them to repair from the previous hard training weeks, which is crucial.  Therefore I need to slightly modify my diet, storing protein, carbs and other nutrients, but not eating too much and gaining weight, which I don't need on race day. Mentally, I admittedly get pretty anxious the weeks before a race. Part of it is the tapering - feeling like I'm not doing enough, I worry about what can go wrong, so I spend a lot of time reassuring myself, in my mind, that it's all going to work out fine. The best way for me to quell my anxiety is to go for a run! After I have finished a marathon I will take about a week off and not exercise at all. I will start slowly, with very low mileage just to maintain my fitness after a week or so. I don't change my diet much, as I still want to remain healthy and fit, even when not training. It's a challenge though, it can be very easy to get into bad habits when there isn't a race deadline to focus on. This is one reason why I always am looking for the next race, I enjoy the structure and discipline of a training program.

TVB: What's next on your marathon bucket list? CJ: There are so many races and opportunities to travel, it's hard to narrow down. I might take a year or so and focus on shorter races, like half marathons. But I have said that before and am always enticed by some marathon I've never done. I would like to run the San Francisco Marathon, or Vancouver. I definitely want to run Boston again. It would be fun to try somewhere tropical like Hawaii! TVB: What does living a vibrant lifestyle mean to you? CJ: Living a vibrant lifestyle means nourishing my body and soul with things that make me feel good, inside and out. Diet, exercise, rest, adventure, travel and sharing all of those things with people I love is what makes me feel most vibrant.


And now a word with the one and only Mr. Michael McGue... The Vibrant Beet: What countries will you be traveling pre and post marathon? Mike McGue: Pre-Marathon we'll be traveling to Iceland for a few days before we head to Berlin. After the marathon we'll jet off to Split in Croatia for a few days and then to Dubrovnik, Croatia. We'll head out of there and end our vacation in Amsterdam!

TVB: What will you be doing to support your travel buddy on her marathon day? MM: This will be the second marathon (out of her 7!) that I'll witness CJ cross the finish line. The first was the Maine Coast Marathon in 2014. I think the best way to support a friend who's going taking on a challenge such as a marathon is just to provide positive energy, keep their nerves down by cracking a few jokes and make sure you have a stein of bier waiting for them at the finish.

TVB: What does living a vibrant lifestyle mean to you? MM: Surrounding yourself with good people and making sure to constantly make laughter a part of your daily routine.

CJ & MM aka two of our favorite vibrant humans.

Well, you both are certainly two vibrant souls. We are so excited to see where your travels will take you...and CJ, we will be cheering you on from the USA! Viel Glück pals! Cat-signature5


PS. You can follow these two and their travels for the next two weeks on our instagram @thevibrantbeet or via their personal accounts...Carolynn: @seecjrun and Mike: @mikemcgue.

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