Babor: Put Your Best Fall Face Forward

Babor: Put Your Best Fall Face Forward

As many of us know, our skin is our biggest organ and is constantly reinventing itself. Growing up, I was oh-so-lucky enough to have a pretty good track record with my skin. Sure, I had the occasional breakout, but it wasn't until a few years ago that my skin changed it's tune...and I freaked out. With age, stresses, environment and hormones, my skin all of a sudden became more susceptible to breakouts. I developed rosacea...and my skin became red, bumpy and dry. I never had to unwillingly use makeup, and suddenly cover ups and concealers were becoming my best friends, which was in turn blocking my pores and only assisting the problem. I felt like I was using a million products and prescription creams to cover up my face and it was skin could not breathe. Being a fair faced chick, living in sunny Southern California and loving wine and spicy foods did not help my case. In a panic, I visited my dear esthetician and asked for help. She calmed me down and told me to step back from the products, makeup It wasn't the easiest thing, but I started to explore my diet and made some changes by slowly cutting back on spicy foods, dairy and alcohol, while adding in more yoga and a simple probiotic. I began to hydrate, protect and moisturize more. She also introduced me to BABOR, a product line that along with the aformentioned, changed my skin for the better.

Christmas came early with Babor's Green Glamor Line: Baborganic.

BABOR is a luxury line, but is well worth spending a little extra cash for the high quality products made from natural ingredients. After all, we invest wholeheartedly in clothes, our home, and in food...why not our skin? It isn't for ever that you will need to use a product, just an aid to jumpstart the party...and a little goes a long way. I found that Babor's Baborganic line (click HERE) was perfect for what I needed, specifically their De-Stressing Fluid as it is pressed into skin just after being washed, and sets a solid, moist foundation and calms the skin. I also love the eco-friendly packaging! Recently, I was lucky enough to have some time to riff with Benjamin Simpson, the lovely and knowledgable Executive Director of Marketing & Communications of Babor. While Babor may be an investment, it is so worth it. Read on to learn a little more about BABOR and get inspired to put your best face forward!

The Vibrant Beet: How long has Babor been around for, who created it and why did they? IMG_8795-1cpyBenjamin Simpson: Our company was founded in 1956 by Dr. Michael Babor, a German biochemist, visionary and a passionate pioneer of beauty. He was finding that there was a gap in the market and worked effortlessly to fill it. He established the first major milestone for BABOR when he developed HY-ÖL®, a skin cleanser based on hydrophilic oils that set new standards in skin care. To this day, it remains a star product of the family-owned company, which has pursued a path of constant innovation.

TVB: How are BABOR products unique from other skin care lines? BS: Progress needs visionaries; people with expertise who are committed to discovering new innovations. Dr. Michael Babor transitioned the company to an ambitious entrepreneur, Dr. Leo Vossen, who shared the same enthusiasm for beauty. He recognized the importance of maintaining Dr. BABOR's philosophies including exceeding standards. These shared values positioned BABOR as an industry leader whose breadth of products reflect its core principles: skincare systems created in harmony with nature and skin-compatible products that deliver extraordinary results. Our global research scientists extract powerful natural ingredients from the depths of the ocean and harvest potent stems cells gathered from the highest mountain peaks which are utilized in our remarkable skincare formulations. BABOR researchers work closely with more than 100,000 beauty experts worldwide - model conditions for developing innovative treatment methods. The result is luxurious treatments based on effective skincare that is individually tailored to and compatible with all skin types.

TVB: How do you know which products are right for your skin type? BS: Always ask the expert, your BABOR Esthetician. You can chat with a specialist (these people are the real deal!!) on our website ( or call our toll free number: 1-800-333-4055 . Additionally, you can schedule a consultation with any of our certified specialists at your local Babor Spa. Click HERE to find the spa closest to you!

TVB: How long do your products last for? BS: Always consult product labeling for product expiration dates, but most products are good for a long about one year after the jar/bottle is opened, that is our general rule of thumb.

TVB: How do you test your products? BS: We never have and never will test on animals! We use independent research organizations that specialize in the dermatological testing of cosmetics, cosmetic ingredients and pharmaceuticals. This ensures a products safety and proves its efficiency through a wide range of bioengineering methods and tests. We also do stringent testing internally at our Research and Innovation Center.

TVB: How does BABOR find ingredients for their products? BS: Most are inspired by nature – if there is a plant or organism that can resist demanding circumstances, our researchers look at how this is done and then we use extracts from this plant. Their are four active active ingredients that run through the Baborganic collection.


The first is glacier water (water that does not erode the glacier) from Mount Cervin in is very moisturizing. The benefit is that it is rich in minerals and trace minerals which adds vitality the the skin. Edelweiss is the second ingredient and is cultivated in Switzerland under super strict organic standards. One of the really interesting things about this plant is that it protects the skin against free radicals and thus calms the skin. The third ingredient is meadowfoam seed oil which is also cultivated in Switzerland. It improves skin density and repairs the lipid film for moisture. The fourth is oxygen energizes and increases cell regeneration and slows down skin aging. The result is cell renewal and an invigorated complication.

TVB: I love the Baborganic line and use it on a regular basis. My skin has never looked better. Why did Babor come up with this line specifically? BS: BABOR has always been green and is dedicated to treating nature with respect. In 2010, we launched Baborganic and it took us to the next level in the ever trending "Green Glamour" category. It was inspired by our clients needs and wants in conjunction with the luxury and heritage of the brand.

TVB: Do you use BABOR products? BS: YES! Absoletly. My favorite product is Dr. Babor Biogen Cellular Ultimate Repair Cream; a highly-effective facial gel cream that provides intensive support for the skin’s regeneration. I am also a huge fan of the Baborganic Biological Enzyme Cleanser; a mild cleansing and exfoliating foam that is loaded with Vitamin about vibrant skin! Speaking of which, I would love to offer all readers of The Vibrant Beet a complimentary (full retail) size of our Baborganic Biological Enzyme Cleanser ($34 value) as a free gift with any $50 purchase on today (10/8/15) through Monday (10/12/15) @ 11:59pm PST. No code will be necessary. The item will not appear in their carts, but WILL appear in their order of $50 or more. (taxes and or shipping and handling do not qualify for meeting the $50 minimum). 500-babor_biological-enzyme-cleanserTVB: That is just so nice...and vibrant of you, Benjamin. Thank you! That cleanser is one of my favorites! I am going to place my order now!! Besides using the aforementioned products, do you have any additional tips for a healthy skin care routine? BS: While cleansing alternate between warm and cool water, this increases microcirculation and oxygenation, visibly improving radiance and glow.

TVB: Where can you purchase BABOR Products? BS: You can find BABOR products online at You can also purchase in store by locating a BABOR Spa Partner near you...just enter your zip code here: And, go online and sign up for our newsletter! You can receive our weekly promotions that to your skin type and a plethora of more vibrant information.

TVB: Last question. What does living a vibrant lifestyle mean to you? BS: I believe my life is incredibly vibrant and I am so grateful for that. I’d like to think I live a pretty clean life, of course, I make my living in the anti-aging and wellness industry, so there is a natural rub off there. I have a passion for intense interval training (I LOVE to sweat and push my body), Shambhala meditation and I am fortunate to share this life with my long time partner, Art.

Thank you Benjamin for the skinny on BABOR products ~ and for taking the time to chat and fill us in on one of our favorite skin care lines. Cheers to a glowy, vibrant face for this Fall season!





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