Camille Guaty-A Vibrant Actress, Artist and Friend

Camille Guaty-A Vibrant Actress, Artist and Friend


My first time meeting Camille Guaty, I was immediately drawn to her magnetic energy, individual creativity, love of movement and obviously her adorable dimples. It felt like I had know her forever, or possibly in a past life. That was 12 years ago. Since then she has blossomed from a up and coming actress, who always played MUCH younger rolls, to a mature thespian who continues to challenge herself and evolve mentally, emotionally and physically. A modern renaissance woman, Camille didn't find her true calling until after graduating with a major in advertising from Boston University. After ending up as a finalist on one of the original music reality shows, Pop Stars, she packed her suitcase and moved to Los Angeles. She explained it to me as, " unplanned, scary and exciting all at the same time."  It was worth it... her hard work, dedication, and overall positivity has landed her a variety of roles from indie movies to network TV to A-list romantic comedies. Now, a Hollywood local, she inspires young artists to follow their dreams, find balance in this crazy city, and never give up. 32C06A27-5DD7-4470-9F70-13EDDBAE8378Who and what inspires you? What got you first into acting?

Betty Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Annie, Cats and Chorus Line were all major influences for me as a kid. I just always knew it was what I wanted to do. Unfortunately for me I didn't come from a pedigree of actors or writers or from anybody in the entertainment business, for that matter. It was an up hill climb, and I have to say I'm proud of myself.

In this crazy non-stop world, where is your happy place? What gives you a sense of peace?

My home! I am a homebody at heart.  It's cozy and bright and filled with light and is where I feel at peace and do most of my creating. Not to mention I did all of the decorating so I should like it. Peace to me comes in all shapes and sizes; my own and other peoples happiness or excitement brings me peace.

How do you stay healthy and fit?

I know it sounds cliche but for me it's a lifestyle. Exercise is part of my daily routine...without it I feel sluggish. Having dogs help...with them in my life I walk or hike an average of 2 miles a day. For myself I love to mix it up, but my 2 constants are dance and pilates. I fulfill my cardio with a great samba or salsa class and then spend some time on the reformer. I have a back injury and I find pilates to be extremely healing.  And its true what they say, diet is a huge part of staying healthy and fit. Most of the time I'm on point, who doesn't want to indulge in a larchmont salami and manchego sandwich with sundried tomato aioli every once in my mouth is watering!

What's your favorite food, restaurant and cuisine?

I love love love sushi! I'm afraid to mention my favorite hole in the wall for fear that the lines will get longer, but you all deserve it...Sushi Time. Anything on their menu is amazing!

Which of the characters that you played was your favorite? What show? Why?

This is always such a tough question to answer because I seriously have loved every role I've ever played. I always fall the hardest for the ones that leave me unexpectedly. That being would have to be my role on The Nine. It was such a great show, ahead of it's time in my mind and yes, got cancelled way too soon.

B3F8453D-5D5B-4177-B90D-38E983255105What are you working on now?

I'm currently shooting a movie for Netflix called, "A Futile and Stupid Gesture". It's directed by David Wain, who in my book is the up and coming king of comedy. Its such a great story and it's so much fun to work on a movie with a bunch of comedians. Guess who's not as funny as she thought she was...

Give me 5 of your favorite shows and/or movies that you are watching now. 

Currently my obsessions are Happy Valley, The Walking Dead, Wet Hot American Summer, Anything with Rose Byrne and who doesn't love a little bit of The Bachelor.

You have amazing skin! How do to keep your youthful glow and complexion?

I never go to bed without washing my face. EVER...I also constantly moisturize. I would rather be dewey than dry any day of the week.  I love to put lemon juice on my face at night followed by vaseline. I dont do this all the time but if you want to wake up to a baby face, then I dare you to try it.  I know vaseline is apparently not good for you but if it's safe for a babies bottom than it's safe for my face! ha.

What do you love the most about yourself? What do you love least?

My smile. My judgement on myself.

What do you like to do on a Saturday?

I just started taking beginners ballet so that's fun.  Mostly Saturdays are family time with my husband and dogs.

How do you stay vibrant?

Staying focused, staying healthy and staying happy!


Thanks Camille, we love you!
Love you too!
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