Get In The Sandbox!

Get In The Sandbox!


I took my first Sandbox class (TRX) when I was about 6 months pregnant and it was awesome...a super inviting, fun and unique class! With sand between my toes, a motivational instructor and good tunes, I was totally distracted from the fact that I was getting a killer workout and good stretch in. After giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, Katie Seigel (owner of Sandbox WeHo and NJ native) decided to get back to work part time. She was personally training a select few clients locally when the owner of the Sandbox Fitness in Sherman Oaks reached out to see if she would be interested in teaching at her gym. "I absolutely fell in love with everything about Sandbox Fitness and my husband and I decided to open up our own just 6 months ago in West Hollywood. Other than marrying my husband and having Kennedy, opening Sandbox Fitness West Hollywood has made me happier than ever. I absolutely love the members, community, my trainers and having my own gym is a dream come true. Why else would I wake up at 4am every morning to personally train clients before my 6am classes every weekday?"unnamed-2

Read on to learn more about why everyone is totally digging this workout. Unleash your inner child by jumping in the Sandbox!

The Vibrant Beet: What is Sandbox Fitness? Katie Seigel: Sandbox Fitness offers multiple innovative and high intensity group exercise classes that use the natural resistance of our special silica free sand to maximize your workout. We are able to provide fun and challenging classes that will help you lose weight, build muscle, increase strength, and keep your body guessing. These classes, offered in our massive 800 square foot indoor sandbox, provide an intense workout while remaining gentle on your joints. We offer a wide array of classes including Bootcamp, Yoga, TRX ®, and Surfset ® (as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank).unnamed-1

TVB: When and how did Sandbox come about? KS: I started teaching at the Sandbox Fitness in Sherman Oaks about a year and a half ago. I was only teaching a few classes a week because Kennedy was so young and I had no intentions on going back to work full time. About six months into working there the owner Minna tore her ACL and I jumped in to help cover a lot of her classes while she was out of commission.  In that time I saw how the studio was growing rapidly and it was something that was going to take off fast. TV shows wanted to film there, magazines wanted to interview her and I stepped in to fill her shoes. I knew if I didn’t open up another location and license the idea that they were going to get knocked off. I have such a great relationship with Minna and her husband so they were very excited when I presented them with the idea…..and the rest is history.

TVB: What sort of classes can clients take at Sandbox? KS: We have several innovative and high intensity group exercise classes at Sandbox Fitness West Hollywood (not all are also offered at the Sherman Oaks location). SURFSET: As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, mimics the physical demands of surfing including balance, strength and cardio. It’s a total body workout that challenges your balance and stabilizer muscles to create a lean and strong physique.unnamed SURFSET BALANCE AND YOGA: A yoga inspired class done in the sand and on the surfboard focusing on balance and stability. It’s a yoga flow type of class so your heart rate stays up and we make you sweat. SURFSET STRENGTH: A strength, toning, and conditioning class. This class focusses on the individual muscle groups to help you get the definition you have been looking for. SURFSET PILATES: A total body workout that challenges your balance and stabilizer muscles to create a lean and strong physique. TRX: Total body workout developed by a Navy Seal. This class uses gravity and body weight to develop strength, flexibility and a solid core. TRX is a great option for pregnant women and those with injuries.unnamed-4 TIDAL TURBULENCE: A core blasting, muscle engaging, one-of-a-kind class that you can only find at a Sandbox Fitness. Combining the best of both, TRX and Surfset, Tidal Turbulance will challenge every single muscle fiber. BOOTCAMP: Bootcamp in the sand. High Intensity circuit training utilizing sand resistence, TRX and Surfset.

TVB: Why is this sort of workout so great for our bodies? KS: Studies show that you’ll activate extra muscle just by treading on the loose stuff rather than solid ground. Because sand grains constantly shift, your nervous system has to recruit additional muscle fibers in your legs, hips, and trunk in response. Also, the soft surface absorbs more energy, so instead of experiencing a helpful rebound effect as you would on pavement, you sink deeper and your muscles have to engage longer to push off. You’re forced to work harder to move. The payoff: Do a workout on the sand and you burn up to 50 percent more calories per minute than if you do the same routine on pavement or grass. It’s also low impact so better for your joints and easier on your body.

TVB: Let’s talk about the sand…how do you keep it clean? KS: I assure you the sand is clean. We use a silica free, anti-microbial sand. I also water and rake it to circulate the sand (so it doesn’t get dry and dusty) 2-3 times a day. Depending on how many classes we have and how hot it is.

TVB: You have a variety of amazing classes for both men & women. Who comes up with the routines in your classes? KS: Men and women of ALL ages and levels can take our classes. All of our trainers show several modifications so everyone can keep up and get an amazing workout. Every trainer has their own style and teaching personality. I love that about our studio and when hiring I paid very close attention to that. Every teacher comes up with their own music playlist and choreography. And it changes weekly so you won’t have the same choreography and/or music for weeks at a time like other studios.

TVB: How many days per week do you suggest working out? KS: On average I suggest 3 times a week but it depends on your personal goals if you should work out more.

TVB: What you eat goes hand in hand with exercise. What are some of your favorite healthy eats in LA? KS: I mostly cook at home because I have to cook for Kennedy and my husband but some of my favorite things to eat out are sushi and also salads from the Chop Stop. My guilty pleasure are chicken tacos from Hugo’s in Sherman Oaks.

TVB: What are your favorite pre and post workout meals/snacks? KS: Favorite pre workout: whole wheat English muffin with egg whites and salsa. Post Workout: Power Bowl from Backyard Bowls or Turkey and Swiss Cheese Roll Ups with Pickles.

TVB: Who and/or what inspire you? KS: Jillian Michaels inspires me. I am inspired by ambitious and determined people. People who don’t make excuses. We all have come from somewhere, have a history, have overcome some sort of hardship. It’s about taking those experiences and making something great and positive out of it. That inspires me.

TVB: Can you share any exercise tips for our readers, to practice on their own? KS; I could give an entire full body workout from head to toe for someone at home. There are SO many useful tools we have around the house that we can use….a kitchen or dining room chair, soup cans for weights, stairs etc.

TVB: What does living a vibrant lifestyle mean to you? KS: Living a vibrant lifestyle to me is leading an active and energetic lifestyle. Leading an active, bright and strong lifestyle leads to a strong and happy person overall.

I highly suggest jumping in the Sandbox for a killer summer workout. Your beach body will thank you. It's $10 of your first class and offer a few promotions: 3 classes for $30 (one time only) and 20% off any package bought at first visit. Follow the fun in the Sandbox via social media:

Facebook: sandboxfitnessweho Instagram: @sandboxfitnessweho Twitter: sandboxfitweho

Cheers to sandy beach bods and lots of fun workouts all summer long!




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