Get LIT in Los Angeles!

Get LIT in Los Angeles!


We sat down with Taylor Gainor, co-owner of L.A.'s newest (and in my opinion, most fun) exercise studio: LIT Method. Read on to see what she has to say about the classes, the importance of low impact training and how she moves and grooves through Los Angeles in the healthiest (and most vibrant) of ways. Be prepared to get motivated and excited to take a few LIT classes yourself...I know that after just one class, I was hooked! (spoiler alert: discount code at the bottom of article!!!) The Vibrant Beet: Let’s start simple: what is LIT Method? LIT Method: LIT stands for [Low – Impact – Training] our method is designed to “build you not break you”. While other regimens can break you down over time, we felt the need to create a sustainable method that strengthens, empowers and corrects you.

TVB: When and how did LIT Method come about?e692ec_a20a5dde6bfa4d00b7dab779a9aa509aLM: Justin and I came up with LIT 3 years ago, we were both private personal trainers in Los Angeles and the majority of our clients came to us with an injury. We would rehab them and then begin to train them back into shape! We saw a need for an injury prevention workout that can aid in rehabbing injuries in a group setting, thus LIT was born. Our goal is to change the way people approach fitness.

TVB: What sort of classes can clients take at LIT Method? LM: LIT offers at the moment three different types of classes: SIGNATURE LIT - which is a 50 min total-body burn that couples rowing with our resistance band training system. This creates the perfect workout to tone, sculpt, and burn fat. LIT Method minimizes impact on bones and joints, while sculpting and strengthening your muscles at the same time. LIT STRENGTH - which is a total body program that is specifically designed to isolate and strengthen all your major muscle groups. LIT Strength focuses on functional movements, strength training, and high intensity intervals. This advanced training program is developed to take your body to the next level. More reps, more power, more sweat. LIT FLOW - which is our [row-ga] inspired workout. Think heart pumping total body workout with a Vinyasa flow influence. This class focuses on lengthening, strengthening and toning, while still getting your sweat on! We incorporate the water rower & our unique resistance band training system in ways that you have never seen before. Trust us when we say this is a must try! Athletic shoes required.drone shotTVB: Why is this sort of workout so great for our bodies? LM: With the LIT Method there’s little to no impact being placed on the ankles, knees, hips, elbows or shoulders, all of which are prone to injury with other fitness classes.  We provide our clients with the foundation for a lifelong workout, but do not be mistaken, our name is LOW IMPACT but we are very high intensity!

TVB: Have you seen a change in popularity to this kind of workout over the past few years? If so, why do you think that is? LM: As LIT has only been open for two months now, at first we were seeing an influx of people coming into the studio nursing an injury, but they still were seeking a workout that they could do. But now we are seeing an abundance of people that just do not want to get injured in general! We believe that this all stems from the trending around cross fit or high impact workouts, your body can only sustain that for so long. Take a runner for example, after years and year of running on the treadmill or outside your knees just cant handle the impact anymore. Which results in either not being able to run at all or having to a low impact exercise such as swimming, rowing, etc.

TVB: Besides being super sweet, welcoming and major babes, why do you think your clients like working out with you guys? LM: Catherine you are too sweet! HAHA. Our main goal is to create a community around LIT, we want our clients to feel safe and welcomed when they walk into the door. As exercise classes can sometimes be an intimidating place, its important to know that you have you team supporting you and pushing you to become stronger.

TVB: What are some of the benefits and results from taking LIT classes?unspecified LM: As you have witnessed our class is anything but low intensity, so you can burn up to 1000 calories in the 50 minute class. We have a client who started LIT when we first opened on Jan 28th, 2016 weighing 210lbs and 28.5% body fat. We just did his weigh in last week and he is down to 195lbs and 12.4% body fat. Anything is possible as long as you stay dedicated and push yourself past your limits. Not to mention that client came to us with a 75% Achilles tear from a box jump and was able to take our class everyday without any pain!!

TVB: I took my first LIT class when I was about 5 months pregnant and you guys were SO accommodating (thank you!!). Why do you think that it’s so important for pregnant women to keep moving their bodies throughout their pregnancies? LM: It is crucial to keep yourself active and moving throughout your pregnancy. There are so many benefits for exercising during your pregnancy and here are the main ones:

  • You stay in shape, it will make it that much easier when trying to lose the baby weight
  • You lower the risk of gestational diabetes
  • You strengthen your low back, while pregnant most moms get a anterior pelvic tilt which in laymen’s terms means, you stick your bootie out and then your lower back starts to ache. Exercise and strengthening the opposing muscles help with this!
  • Energy is a big one! You release endorphins when you exercise so exercise is key to getting some more extra energy!

TVB: Why are pregnant women discouraged from certain workouts? Does this workout offer any safer modifications? LM: We believe pregnant women may be intimidated to workout in fear of something going wrong or risk of injury. Our workout can be catered to all individuals as we always have two trainers in the room at all times to help with any modifications of an exercise and form correction!

TVB: How important is breathing and stretching and why? LM: Breathing, stretching and foam rolling are so important within your workout regimen. This is a common misconception or oversight that we always encounter. Exercise shocks your nervous systems, engages your muscles and will tighten in specific areas, if you so not recover properly it will lead into an injury. Foam rolling is our biggest post workout go-to, self - myofascial release will help reduce lactic acid build up in your muscles leaving you less sore the next day!

TVB: How many days per week do you suggest working out? LM: Our philosophy at LIT is 2 times a week to maintain and 3 times a week for results!

TVB: I was having some serious tension in my neck and being that you are well versed in physical therapy, you used this amazing little machine to zap the muscles that totally gave me the best release and eased my bod. What was that? IMG_0870LM: That fancy machine is called a Tens Unit, it is used to send electrical pulses to the muscle to aid it into relaxing.

TVB: What you eat goes hand in hand with how you move your bod. How do you eat to feel your best? Do you cook? If so, what do you like to make? LM: We love to live a balanced lifestyle, so yes we eat healthy but we are also foodies! The best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to cook at home, some of my go to’s are Spaghetti Squash Bolognese, turkey meatballs, stuffed peppers, healthy brownies made with black beans or garbanzo beans!

TVB: What are your go-to pre and post workout foods and why? LM: Personally we like to stay away from all the chemicals and preservatives in the pre workouts, we load up on B12 and juices pre and post workouts!

TVB: Can you share with us some of your favorite healthy restaurants here in LA? LM: Sweetgreen is one of our favorite restaurants for lunch, the salads are delish! Backyard Bowls are the best acai bowls in town hands down! Sushi by H is our favorite sushi spot!

TVB: What do you to keep active and stay fit here in Los Angeles? LM: Hiking is one of our favorite ways to escape from our busy lifestyles. Franklin Canyon is our GO-to, it’s LA’s hidden gem.

TVB: What does living a vibrant lifestyle mean to you? LM: A vibrant lifestyle means to us, a healthy, balanced, active, adventurous lifestyle. Do not be afraid to push a little bit harder, try something new, step out of your comfort zone for all you know you may stumble upon something great! This is how we live our Vibrant Life!

TVB: What do clients need to bring to your class? LM: A water bottle and athletic shoes! We have cubbies and towels! And as a little BONUS,  your readers will receive 25% off all our packages and memberships! PROMO CODE: VibrantBeet25

You are too kind! Thank you Taylor for taking the time to give us the skinny on how to get LIT!




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