Healthy Snacks for the Entire Family

Healthy Snacks for the Entire Family


Everyone I know is busy...busy with work, kids, school or socially.  As life seems to be getting more complicated and schedules become more jam packed it's rare to find time to sit down, take a breather and eat a real meal. Even though going out to a delicious dinner and making a home-cooked meal are two of my favorite activities in the entire world, in this article my realistic mom brain knows that both mommy and baby need healthy ways to eat on the run. It's never fun when anyone gets "hangry" (hungry+angry). Since having Van, 19 months ago, I have become the queen of finding easy, organic and nutritious ways to get the healthy calories you need on the go.  Even though we may have a full schedule, my entire family  stays satiated throughout the day. When looking for the ideal snack I usually start in the raw food section.  You know that these snacks will be minimally processed and comprised of whole rather than refined foods. Personally, I prefer going gluten free in order to guarantee that there will be no hidden processed grains which, when digested, metabolize straight into sugar. Once I find an organic snack that looks appealing, I go straight to the "Nutrition Facts" panel. Here, I search for a relatively balanced breakdown of carbohydrate (which are usually the highest) , fats, protein and fiber.  I also make sure that the ingredients have little to no sugar, as not to spike blood sugar levels. Nobody enjoys a sugar-crazed wild baby, especially when it's yours. Below are a couple helpful hints to keep you energized, nourished and thinking clearly, even if you wait a little longer between meals. Personally, I try to cook and or eat one hot meal a day with my family. This way we can check in, get some quality family time and fill our bellies with warm comforting food. Other than that one meal, it's truly a free for all. By filling the cubbord with well balanced, all natural snacks, I know that even on the run, my my family will be healthy!

Mary's Gone Crackers: Original Crackers

One of my favorite brands, Mary's Original Crackers are made from organic whole grain brown rice, whole grain quinoa, brown flaxseed, brown sesame seeds and wheat-free tamari. They have 450 mg of omegas 3-fatty acids per 30g a serving. If you eat them with avocado, like I do, that equals some serious brain food!


Navitas Naturals: Power Snacks

These energizing snacks are everything you need to fuel up your system. I always keep them in the car or in the diaper bag in case you get caught with a hungry and cranky kid. Made with key superfoods such as chia, maca, camu camu, you will feel the immediate effects of these sweet and hearty bite sized treats.


Two Moms, In The Raw: Granola Bar

This is my kind of granola, dairy free, grain free, raw and filled with 3g of plant-based protein. Van and I eat at least one of these a day with complete pleasure and no guilt. I'm in awe that just 1 of these 100 calories bars can taste so good, be so filling and feel so orally satisfying...I enjoy a slight workout for my jaw. Finally, I found a truly healthy granola bar!!


Go Raw: Sprouted Granola

I love granola and cereal just as much as the rest of you, but now I can act upon my breakfast obsession. A completely balanced way to start your day, I enjoy my morning granola with banana and almond milk. Unlike other cereals that leave you wanting more, just one bowl does the trick. Made up of some of the most nutritious sprouted seeds on earth, this granola unlocks enzymes and multiplies powerful nutrients to supercharge your digestion and support optimism health.



Chilled cucumber avocado soup with lobster

Chilled cucumber avocado soup with lobster

Ramp salt

Ramp salt