Hot Momma! An Interview with Olivia Wilde...

Hot Momma! An Interview with Olivia Wilde...

Actress, business woman and mother-to-be, Olivia Wilde is every Pilates teacher's dream student. She is calm, in touch with her body, takes direction well and works wonder why she's so successful! 

Olivia first started coming to me for Pilates in October 2013. Only a couple months pregnant, Olivia was a Pilates novice, but within weeks she appeared as though she had been practicing Pilates for years. Besides being recognized as one of Hollywood's hot young A-listers, Olivia is one of the most down to earth people that I have ever met. While working with Olivia throughout her pregnancy, I rarely ever saw a smile leave her face. Her positivity was hypnotic! Every time she would walk into the Pilates studio she was glowing, energetic and ready to rock. For all the expecting mothers, I needed to get the inside scoop and share her pregnancy secrets! Read on...

Myara: I'm so happy that to have you chat with us today! Everyone (including me) has noticed how amazing you’ve looked though your pregnancy. Tell us two secrets that every expecting mom should know about keeping yourself happy and healthy.
Olivia: I would say, the key seems to be to keep moving as you usually do, do NOT eat for two, and do Pilates, seriously.

M: I have been so lucky to have worked with you combining Pilates and Traction Bodywork into your exercise regime. Why were you originally drawn to Pilates?
OI really discovered Pilates after getting pregnant, when a girlfriend recommended it as the perfect way to stay in shape. I was nervous I'd seem uncoordinated and awkward, but I had an amazing teacher (ahem), who helped me learn slowly without feeling pressure to be perfect. Regular sessions helped me stay confident and calm, which is reeeeally important when you're pregnant.

M: How do you think Pilates has helped you through your pregnancy?
O: It saved me from the typical aches and pains of pregnancy (sciatica, etc) and it gave me a strong core and therefore steady balance, which has been enormously helpful.

M: What were some of your favorite exercises and why?
O: Traction! BUT in terms of actual exercises, I would say I really enjoyed everything on the reformer, even though it nearly murdered me. I also loved working my arms, as I saw the results almost immediately.

M: We all know that stress is detrimental for everyone, especially expecting moms. With a busy schedule like yours, what did you personally do to distress and relax?
O: I wanted to take tons of steaming hot baths and drink Bloody Marys all day long, but of course this is the one time in life when those activities are off limits! Pilates really did help me relax, and took my mind off of the stressful challenges of daily life. I also went on tons of hikes and made sure to spend quality time with friends.

M: Support is so important for expecting mothers. Who was your support system? How were they supportive?
O: I have incredible friends who gathered around us in the most supportive way the moment they heard our big news. I found that pregnancy really makes you crave the comfort of social interaction, which probably comes from our primal instincts for communal child-rearing. It is not a solo sport! I connected with my female friends more than ever, and really enjoyed learning from their own experiences with motherhood. No book or doctor can provide you with the inside info you'll get from a good girlfriend!

M: During your pregnancy you always kept your killer body. Did you have any crazy cravings throughout your pregnancy? If so, what were they? 
O: It started with pickles and went downhill from there. I went from craving sour foods to cheese (any cheese, any time, on anything), and eventually hit a real sweet tooth phase which has yet to end! Suddenly coca-cola seems more delicious than the finest wine. This kid has his father's taste buds :).

M: How did you regulate what and how much you ate?
O: Well…to be perfectly honest I haven't been as diligent as I would have liked. When I do this all again, I will be much more disciplined, but the first time is kind of a wild experience and you seek comfort wherever you can find it! Which for me, often meant snacking on cheese and not holding back from a second plate of pasta. I tried to balance my big appetite with an active lifestyle, and that seemed to work for me.

M: I know your moving back to New York City for a while, do you find it harder to stay healthy in NYC compared to LA?  How?
O: NYC makes you so much more active without even thinking about it. I probably walk around 12,000 steps a day in New York without even trying, and that is outside of any gym time. Plus, racing up and down subway stairs really keeps you in shape. BUT of course, the food here is much more rich, creamy, and heavy, which probably balances out all those subway stairs in a few bites!

M: I heard a rumor that you will be working on a very cool show pretty soon after giving birth. Do you have a expedited plan on how you're going to loose the baby weight?
O: I'm going to do my absolute best to get sleep whenever I can, and to exercise every day, even if it's for 20 mins. I'll also drink as much water as I can, as I've heard many a mom say this really helps with breastfeeding, which in turn really helps lose the baby weight. We shall see!

M: When are you coming back to LA? We already miss you!
O: I miss you too! We will be back and forth often, as we follow the work. I can't wait to bring the little guy to the studio for his first Pilates class.

A feminist and philanthropist, Olivia splits her time between acting and running her company, Conscious Commerce. Conscious Commerce connects brands with charities that give back to the community (think TOMS, but much more diverse). Therefore, every purchase made helps an individual in need...isn't that how it should be? Click HERE to learn more about this kick-ass business. Olivia, we wish you, your new family and all of your uplifting projects the best of luck! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and for being such a positive inspiration for all of the women out there. 


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Hot Momma! An Interview with Olivia Wilde...