Quick Baby Workouts

Quick Baby Workouts


As a new mom I'm always looking for fun ways to incorporate my baby boy, Van, into my everyday routine... especially when it comes to working out. Even as a Pilates teacher, there are some days where it's almost impossible to find the time to take an exercise class and other days it's just plain hard to leave the little nugget. That's why I've made it easier for both of us and simply added Van into my workout routine. I make it a point to take him on at least one 45 minute walk every other day and one 40 minute run once a week.  Besides taking in the fresh air and stimulating his senses, it relaxes him and once in a while will even rock him to sleep. The recommended age for taking your baby on a run is 6 months or older. As soon as Van was old enough, I started using the city mini stroller for both my everyday use and jogging routine. Ergonomically, it's a great hight for jogging because it keeps you upright, is easy to maneuver and relatively lightweight, while still feeling secure. It also engages your upper body while you run, toning your arms, shoulders and abs. I also incorporate Van into my resistance training program.  He's like a 23 pound barbell that's with me at all times. Currently I'm taking a family vacation in Boston, but still wanted to maintain my at home baby workout ritual.  I left my leggings at home and walked with Van (and my husband, Finian) 30 minutes to a Boston Harbor parkway for a fit and fun family outing. Check out the exercises below to get the details on  how to tone and tighten no matter where you live or travel while snuggling with your baby love.

Baby Squats: works your quads, hamstrings, butt, abs, back, shoulders, biceps


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Start with your legs a little wider than hip distance apart. Hold your baby close to your breast bone with your shoulders back and elbows squeezing by your sides. Squat by bending your knees, making sure your knees stay behind your toes (as though you are sitting into a chair). Keep you back completely straight, your chest lifted and back of the neck long. As you straighten your legs lift your baby gently over your head, keeping your shoulders down. Return back to the original position. Give your baby a kiss.

Baby Lateral Squats with a Twist: works your quads, hamstrings, butt, obliques, back, biceps 

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Start with your legs wider than hip distance apart. Hold your baby, facing out. Support his legs with your one arm and his upper body with your other arm. Squat making sure that your knees don't go in front of your toes. As you stand, lift your right knee toward your left elbow and twist your upper body and your baby to your right. Repeat on the other side.

Rolling Like a Ball: works your core, hamstrings, shoulders, biceps

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Start sitting on the grounds with bent knees. Have your baby face you, straddling your waist. His feet should be on either side of your hips and you should be holding his armpits. Sit upright on your butt bones. Slowly curl your spine, engaging your lower abs. Roll onto the top of your shoulders. Pulling your belly button to your spine, roll back up to your seated position.


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