Salad Mish-Mosh

People who know me know that I’m known for making  salad. an amazinphoto-5They ask me, " What's you secret?" I respond the more goodies in the salad the better.“As a weekday Vegetarian, (I occasionally dabble in organic chicken or wild fish varieties) I've always relied on my salads as a lunch staple.  In order to keep my every-day go to from getting drab, I combine what’s ever in my fridge into a 3 or 4 salad combo, this M Cafe, or Jones on 3rd style.  Today, I combine a bunch of yummy ingredients from both the farmers market, and Memorial bbq leftovers into a deliciously filling large mid day salad.  Check it out below....

Today's Mish Mosh Salad:

A bunch of green baby lettuce (pre mixed from the Larchmont Farmers Market)

A scoop of Black been salad (black beans, diced tomatoes, and cilantro)

A scoop of Fire Hot Hummus (for me, the spicier the better)photo-4

A 1/2 of avocado

A little sprinkled feta cheese

A scoop of Coleslaw (from Sundays bbq)


Dressed with a little olive oil and 1/2 of lemon


A sprinkle of Bragg's Nutritional Yeast Seasoning (tastes amazing and so good for you!!)


Salad Mish-Mosh

Salad Mish-Mosh