Spring Green Drinks!

Welcome to the Vibrant Beet!! We're so excited to be sharing our passion of all things vibrant! We've created this space to share our ongoing journey as we find healthy food, activities, and cool peeps throughout the Universe (you never know where our travels may take us). Our mission is to get you excited about living a healthy lifestyle no matter where you live or travel to.  

Spring has sprung and with that comes outdoor adventures, poolside fun and.....sometimes.....a cold:(. A lot of our friends have been feeling under the weather, so we wanted to give you a few natural pick-me-ups to get you though the flu season.  Here are 2 our favorite recipes to put a little pep in your step! (And as always, try using organic and local produce if possible.)


IMG_2209Myara's Green Gem...Smoothie: 1/4th bunch of curly kale

1/2 green or red apple (no core please, skin optional)

1/2 of papaya (scooped out of skin)

1 cup almond milk (we like Pacific)

1/4 coconut water (we like Vita Coco)

...combine all ingredients in blender and enjoy!

  This shake is jam packed with beta carotene, Vitamins K and C, calcium, sulforaphane (a chemical with potent cancer fighting properties), fiber, potassium and digestive enzymes. Check out the details below....

kale: aids in digestion, anti-inflamatory, cardiovascular support

apple: bone protection, asthma help, Alzheimer's prevention

IMG_2202papaya: contains anti-oxidents, digestive enzymes, boots male virility (aka penile support)

almond milk: weight management, muscle power, blood sugar friendly

coconut water: helps in hydration, clears complexion, balances the body's PH, and its an electrolyte!!

The Cats Green Meow...Juice

1 bunch large spinach

3 cucumbers

1/2 fennel bulb

handful of parsley

handful of mint

...clean all vegetables and leaves throughly and cut/shred into smaller pieces. Alternate leafy greens with cucumber pieces (to extract as much juice as possible) through juicer. Drink it up!

This juice is a perfect way to start the morning -- or to give you a little boost throughout the day. Green juice contains chlorophyl, trace minerals, vegetable protein, enzymes...and is super alkalizing which will help to rid your body of toxins. Here are a few more facts about the veggies in this juice:

greenspinach: anti-inflamitory, fiber, antioxidants

cucumber: good for blood pressure, nails and...hangovers (due to their hydration benefits), disease fighting agents

fennel: respiratory relief, good for the eyes, intestinal tract, blood & urine, anti-fungal agent...and its an aphrodisiac!

parsley: vitamin k, healthy heart, tumor inhibitor

mint: anti-bacterial, good for clearing up skin disorders, bad breath, congestion, head colds & headaches

And...juicing is also a great way to clear your fridge out! You can grab whatever combination of veggies that you need to eat up and get juicing! Have a little fun with it. You can even use the remaining pulp that comes out of the veggies to make pancakes, bread, muffins, sauces...be creative! I love the Champion Juicer -- my girlfriend swears by her Breville Juicer, but there are a ton out there to choose from! Click here for a little breakdown of the various types of juicers.


Spring Green Drinks!

Spring Green Drinks!

Salad Mish-Mosh

Salad Mish-Mosh