Spring Skiing Workout

Spring Skiing Workout


When spring vacation arrives many of us pack up our bathing suits and sun hats and head for sunshine, crystal blue waters and frozen pina coladas. This year our family literally did the polar opposite. We left the blazing Los Angeles sun behind and flew north to Whistler, British Columbia. This adventure would be the first time that Van, my 17 month toddler, would see snow and the first time I would go skiing on such a massive and magnificent mountain. It has been three years since I last skied and I was feeling a bit rusty. In order to get myself mentally and physically psyched to take on the mountain I conjured up two exercises to prepare for the days ahead. These exercises engage the major muscle groups used for skiing. All you need is your own body weight, so they are perfect to practice while traveling. Like a well maintained machine, by lubricating the joints and strengthening the muscles prior to hitting the slopes your body will run much smoother and stronger. By following these two exercises you will be less prone to injury and unbearable soreness, enjoying the activities throughout your vacation. Get ready to to ride! I always recommend taking a lesson to refresh your memory!

Plank with a Jump Rotation: (core/back, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, hips and cardio)

-Start by finding a sturdy table or counter-top to hold onto, keeping your arms shoulders width apart. Walk your feet out as though you are going to do a push up on the table, keeping your legs hip distance apart and your legs and arms straight. (Hold for 20 seconds)

-Keeping both legs and feet parallel, jump and land with with legs facing the right. As you land sit back into your hips as though you are sitting back into a chair (i.e. a squat).

-Jump from the right side all the way to the left side, rotating your hips to the left. Sit back into a squat facing the left side.

-Continue that pattern 10 times (5 times on each side). Stop, catch your breath and repeat. Try doing 4 sets.


Three-Part Moving Lunge: (hips, quads, glutes, hamstrings, core)

-Start in a lunge position with your right leg forward, making sure that your right knee doesn't go over your toes. Straighten your left leg reaching through the left heel. Hold your torso upright.

-Reach your arms up to the sky (hold for 10 seconds)

-Lengthen your body in a straight line forward over your right leg and reach your arms behind you, palms down. (hold for 10 seconds)

-Bring your hands to the ground on either side of your right foot, keeping your back straight and chest forward. (hold for 10 seconds)

-Repeat 5 times. Switch sides.


Have fun and remember to breathe!


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