Stroopwafels...ya I said it

Stroopwafels...ya I said it


As many of you know I'm a gal who appreciates a healthy, nourishing meal. Food is fuel and I believe it is imperative to give your body the opportunity to function at it's highest level by eating the right foods and doing the right exercises. That said, I also believe in cookies. I'm all about balance. I really admire those who are able to eat a diet full of kale and quinoa 7 days a week but I'm not that girl. I need butter. I need cheese. And I need cookies. Not a lot, but some.HoneyStinger2It's easier to stay away from cookies and the like when you are gluten free. I am shedding one tear as I write this because I miss so many of the sweet treats that used to be mine during my gluten days. One of my all time favorites was the stroopwafels. They are a thin, waffle cookie that made my heart sing. I thought that when I went GF I shall never have a stroopwafel again.

Think again...

Honey Stinger recently introduced me to a gluten free waffle cookie made with organic honey. I am OBSESSED with theses bad boys and you will be too. They come in Maple, Cinnamon, and Salted Caramel. All three are beyond yum. I recommend trying all of them to find your flavor. Wink ,wink.

I got the chance to chat with Jennifer Shea  at Honey Stinger who would like to tell you a little more about the brand and their products:

LDB: Tell me a little bit about Honey Stinger and their products. JS: Honey Stinger is pure natural energy with True Source honey (info here: at the core of all of our formulations. We are based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and we "trail test" all of our products on the slopes, on the roads, and on the trails around this beautiful mountain community. No fancy focus groups for us - our staff, family, and friends are our test markets!

LDB: Why honey? What makes your honey special. JS: Honey is one of nature's perfect energy foods. Honey is rich in carbohydrates, making it ideal fuel for working muscles. Your body recognizes it as food and is released into our systems at a steady rate to avoid spikes and crashes during training and racing. We also love the taste of honey - our mascot is Buzz the Bee!

LDB: How and why did you decide to get into the gluten free game? JS: We began receiving many requests from consumers who loved our waffles but could no longer enjoy them after adopting a gluten free diet. We recognized this was simply not a market trend but rather a lifestyle for many athletes and their families. We tested a lot of gluten free formulations until we found the mix we love in the new Gluten Free Waffles. We felt it was something important to our customers and not simply a trend to chase. As a small, family-owned company, we are careful we develop products that people will love for the long term.

LDB: Do you make the waffles in a strictly gluten free facility? JS: They are made in an exclusive, gluten free only section of our larger facility with equipment used only with gluten free ingredients. We are proud to say the facility is also certified Kosher and nut-free to ensure we address many dietary restrictions.

LDB: Tell me about your other gluten free products? JS: Our delicious organic chews and gels have always been gluten free and nut free. In addition, our 10g protein bars are made with gluten-free ingredients. If you haven't had one, I highly suggest you try one as a meal replacement or recovery bar! In addition to the gluten free ingredients, they are made with 25% honey and blended with premium whey protein. Ever dreamed a protein bar could taste like the best candy bar you've ever had? Try Honey Stinger 10g Protein bars. My personal favorites are our Milk Chocolate Peanut Butta or Dark Chocolate Mint Almond (look out Girl Scout Thin Mints...).

LDB: Does Honey Stinger have plans to roll out additional GF products? JS: We continue to evaluate our entire line as we continue to see Gluten Free as a lifestyle for many consumers. Many of our items are already certified gluten free or made with gluten free ingredients. For Honey Stinger, it's important at all of our waffles, chews, bars and gels not only work in training and racing but also taste great. Gluten free formulation has been an art and science to ensure taste and texture are never compromised!

LDB: What's your favorite organic waffle?! JS: Salted Caramel is my personal favorite! LDB: (Mine too!!!) HS1

Thank you so much for hanging out with The Vibrant Beet, Jennifer! I am having a love affair with your gluten free waffle cookies! I think our readers will feel the same. Check out Honey Stinger's site to order these delectable bites and more of their fantastic products!



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