The Springs - An Urban Oasis

The Springs - An Urban Oasis


Los Angeles is in the middle of a miraculous transformation where juice bars, gyms and health food restauarants are becoming just as popular as dive bars, fast food and dance clubs. Balancing a work hard, play hard, and live healthy mentality Los Angelinos are looking to better themselves mentally, nutritionally and physically with support from a likeminded community. Creating this innovative environment to support a new social scene, “The Springs” breaks ground in downtown Los Angeles. Check out our interview with one of the visionaries behind The Springs to get you just as excited as we are about the future of integrative health, fitness and spirituality. Artist Rendering of the space

Myara: For all of our readers who have not heard or are eagerly awaiting the opening, what exactly is “ The Springs” and how did this concept become a reality?

Jared: The Springs is a multi-faceted Urban Oasis including an organic cold-pressed juice bar, raw vegan restaurant & Wine Bar, Yoga Studio, Wellness Center, retail and event space.  It’s been a dream of mine (Jared) for quite some time, and we made the decision 2 years ago to move to LA (from NYC) and make the dream a reality.

M: What will you be offering at this unique collaborative wellness destination?

J: Our offerings will be a wide-range:

The juice bar will serve organic cold-press juices, made to order smoothies, grab & go snacks, salads, wraps, and raw vegan ice cream!

The Restaurant is offering high end Raw Vegan Cuisine under the guidance of Executive Chef Michael Falso, and Consulting Chef Ian Martin.

The Yoga Studio has a wide range of classes including Hatha, Vinyasa, Flow, Power Flow, Nia, Restorative, and upwards of 5 live music classes a week (under the direction of Gloria Baraquio).

The Wellness Center will include massage, infrared sauna, colon hydrotherapy, Reiki, acupuncture, and more…..

M: Where are you located and how did you pick this location? Was there a reason for its placement?

J: We are located in the Arts District in Downtown LA.  We happened upon this neighborhood while traveling through LA 2 and half years ago.  There was a tactile energy in the air that something exciting was about the happen here.  It was truly an “aha” moment, and we set out specifically to create The Springs in this neighborhood.

M: I know that there is a highly anticipated restaurant opening in your facility. Can you talk more about that? What kind of food will you be serving? How did you find the chef?

J: YES!  The restaurant portion of The Springs has been getting some serious buzz.  The food program is 100% Raw Organic Vegan done in an incredibly refined way.  We are big fans of Pure Food and Wine in NYC and MAKE out in Santa Monica, so it’s that level of food.  We like to thing of it first as amazing, flavorful, inventive food, that just so happens to be Raw and Vegan.  Our Chef team (Michael Falso, Executive Chef, and Ian Martin, Consulting Chef), both have an extensive background in raw food and high end cuisine.  They bring their previous experience to the table and have created a menu that I think people are going to be really excited about (both vegans and non-vegans alike!)

M: Being a lover of movement myself, can you explain what kind of fitness classes you will be hosting? Who will you be bringing on to jumpstart this program? What can we expect when we attend these classes?

J: Our movement/fitness program is all Yoga Based.  We have Gloria Baraquio as our Yoga Director who has gathered an extensive list of yoga teachers and created a schedule that has something for everyone.  We are offering Flow, Power Flow, Restorative, Basics, Hatha, Kundalini, Yoga Dance, Meditation and more.  Classes are really geared towards all levels, and teachers will suggest variations depending on your experience. We hope people will try different types of classes and teachers and discover what type of class truly speaks to them.

The Mural that’s in our Yoga Studio (Artists Angelina Christina and Ease One)

M: Can anyone join? Please let us know how we can be a part of this new venture? When do you expect to open to the public?

J: YES!  The Spring is accessible to everyone.  Anyone is welcome to drop in for a juice, yoga class, wellness treatment, lunch, etc…

We will also over traditional yoga packages (10 pack, Monthly Unlimited), or an ALL Springs Membership which will include Unlimited Yoga, 1 Infrared Sauna Session per month, and 10% off all juice, food, and wellness treatments.

We hope to be open by mid-September.  Just putting the finishing touches on the space and getting ready to open our doors!

M: Why did you feel a need to open this facility in the first place?  Did you feel like Los Angeles needed a new perspective or angle in terms of wellness?  Why Los Angeles?

J: I felt there needed to be a full spectrum health and wellness facility.  Obviously, all of these elements exist on their own (juice bar, yoga studio,etc…) but I had yet to experience a “One-Stop-Shop.”  By creating The Springs, we are able to provide a space to create a community around health, wellness, and sustainability.  We want people to hang out after their yoga class, spark conversation over their juice, have meetings over a smoothie instead of a coffee….

Truly, we were inspired by the Arts District and knew this was the place to create The Springs. We have also approached the vibe as being non dogmatic.  We want people of all walks of life to feel comfortable in the space.  Health should non be elitist, but it’s also not a cult.  We felt we could create a space that was streamlined in its design and welcoming to everyone.

M: What are you offering that makes you stand out in the health and fitness world?

J: I think it’s the full spectrum experience.  There’s no where else you can go to get a juice, take a yoga class, book a massage, have dinner, etc…

We want people to feel like they are always welcome and can really feel like they are a part of a larger community.

M: Who do you think will be your clientele? Who do you want to attract and inspire? Do you have a specific goal with The Springs?

J: As mentioned above, we want to welcome all types of people.  We feel The Springs is accessible to everyone.

We know we’ll be attractive to people who are already yogis or vegans, but we also hope to inspire people to try new food, or give yoga a shot for the first time.  If they are willing to try 1 element of The Springs, they may be inspired to try another.  We hope to continue to inspire people to reach new levels of health and wellness.

M: Please, tell us a little bit about yourselves and your backgrounds?

J: Kimberly and I both come from the Broadway world.  She managed and produced Broadway Shows and National Tours, and I served as a Music Director and Conductor.  It was while touring through LA with Green Day’s American Idiot, that we fell in love with LA and discovered the Arts District.

We approached The Springs by tapping into our experience putting together shows. Much like you source your lighting designer, orchestrator, director, etc… we sought out to find amazing chefs, yoga director, GM, etc…

M: Thank you!! We are so exited to feature you on The Vibrant Beet and we are looking forward to the opening!!

J: Thank YOU!  We appreciate you featuring us, and hope to see you soon at The Springs!

Co-Owners (Jared Stein and Kimberly Helms)




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